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LibGuides is a commerical hosted Content Management System (CMS) marketed to libraries and made by Springshare. Additional components such as a calendar (LibCal) and knowledgebase (LibAnsnwers) may be licensed.

Alternative products include open-source systems such as SubjectsPlus and other homegrown modules.

Due to the open-ended nature of how LibGuides can be edited, guide pages can be prone to appearing as an inconsistent and unorganized frontier due to the disparate perspectives of editors. It is important to have guidelines in place regarding the publishing of web content within such a system.


  • Auraria Library (University of Colorado Denver) LibGuides Standards
  • Boston College: LibGuides for Guide Authors
  • Butler University: LibGuides Standards & Best Practices
  • George Washington University: Libguides Guidelines
  • Georgia Tech: Getting Started with LibGuides
  • Ohio State: LibGuides (Resource Guides site) @ OSUL Policy
  • Purdue University: Creating and Editing LibGuides Best Practices
  • University of Central Florida: LibGuides Tips & Tricks for Librarians
  • University of Regina: Quickstart Help & Standards
  • University of Waterloo: LibGuides for Guide Authors
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  • The University of Alabama: LibGuides Best Practices and Guidelines