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At 11.02.20014 there are more 200 accessors of the page "Universal classification (UC)". No replies on it. I sure that the page readers do not know and therefor not understand nor my philosophy, and its theory of the universal classifying, which are fondation of the UC, nor library and information practices (Aristotle, M.Dewey), nor entity of the subject search problem. The ununderstanding arose in them vagueness, which does not permitt them to form questions or/and posotive or critical opinions on the page. They fear to show their uncopetenssnes. This sence is natural, and it is not shameful bacouse all our collegues are in the same position too like I am was earler. This situation had arosed becouse new and thrue methodology(epystemology and philosophy)known and new thruths have been included and used for creation of the UC. The real library-information scietists could through out the fear and should step to discussion on the UC as the problem makes huge hurm for the humankind, they know. Discussion is usefull for me, for them, for LISWiki and for mankind at wholly. THE INTELLECTUAL CRISIS IS IN ALL DISCIPLINES OF SCIENCE AND SPHERES OF PRACTICE HAD BEEN INVESTIGATED WITH HELP THE INITIAL METHODOLOGY, NOT ONLY IN THE LIBRARY-INFORMATION SCIENCE IT IS. The page "Universal Classification" (It is proper name)had been reductered to nice view and more better redable mode. Thank You!

[edit] Page blocked?

Sir Moderator! Whether You will not deblcke page "Universal Classification" I should wipe out it. OK!

Sir Moderator! My dother said me that You blocked "Edit" function of "Universal Classification" page for accessurs. Therefoe no comments are on it. It is impossible no comments on such interest and importent page. Open all functions of the "Universal Classification" page, if You want to have it in LISTWiki.Universal Classification//

I am not an administrator here. See user John Hubbard's talk page for any questions about moderation/administration. But I do not see that this page is blocked from being edited by you or anyone. What do you mean by the edit function being blocked? I can edit it just fine. One thing to note, though, is that if you try to put in certain website links, those might be blocked. That is the only thing I can thing of that would block you. Thank you. -- Shrikesong (talk) 13:34, 4 April 2014 (PDT)

Dear Moderator! I had said that there was blocked only some functions, but not whole page "Universal Classification". Whether it is not do then Accessors nothing understand in classification, philosophy, library and information scienes, alas. I shall wait the times, when LISWiki readers begon do it.

Dear Moderator! You again blocked accessor couner of the UniversaL ClassificationLISWiki page. I proposeto include in it the JASIS` UC scheme. Haw do that? Then readers will look in the UC abd they wll understand much of written in the UC Page, I suppose/

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