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Welcome to the new Library and Information Science Wiki! Please see the about page for more on this cooperative. The other navigation links at left have some more information.

We just launched on June 30, 2005 so there's not much here yet, although some initial entries have already been created. You're welcome to have fun playing around.

Pioneers are needed to make edits; you can add content or form ontologies wherever you see a need. We also need your help advertising the site to potential users and editors. Spread the word!

Contributors: you may wish to create an account to keep track of your edits. Why?

To see articles, try the following options:

  • View all articles or browse categories (note not all articles are categorized)
  • On navigation menu to the left, click "Recent changes" or "Random page."
  • Type term in search box at left and click "Go".

If you edit an article, your changes may not appear unless you hold down <Shift> and click the reload button on your Web browser. Explanation.

Wikis are free and open publishing systems. You, yes you, are encouraged to share information in your areas of interest or expertise. Anyone can edit existing articles or create new ones. New articles are welcome! If it doesn't already exist, a "create an article with this title" link will appear in a search for your article title.