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A list of works, usually on a particular subject.

A list of references for further research and reading at the end of a book or article. Long bibliographies may be published separately in book form and are usually written by a bibliographer. Style manuals for various bibliographical formats (APA, MLA, etc.) are usually available at the reference desk in academic libraries.

See also: annotation, critical bibliography, endnote, footnote, and selective bibliography.

Standard citation formats are used in different disciplines. The main criteria for bibliographic entries are that they:

  1. Contain enough information for readers to locate the materials.
  2. Are presented in a consistent format.

A typical entry in a bibliography, in this case for a journal article, looks like this:

Bergmann, G., & Spence, K. (1944). The logic of psychophysical measurement.
The Psychological Review, 51, 1-24.

When citing materials from the Internet it is important to include both the address and the date it was accessed in case it has since disappeared, moved, or been substantially altered. A citation for an online resource looks like this:

Cable News Network. (2003, June 13). Oscar winner Gregory Peck dies at 87. 
Retrieved June 21, 2003, from <>.

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