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Library Discussion Groups



  • ASIS-L American Society for Information Science and Technology
  • IFFORUM ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom's list for intellectual freedom issues. Very lively.
  • IFLA-L International Federation of Library Associations
  • LISBd Librarians and Information Scientists, Bangladesh
  • LITA-L Library and Information Technology Association


  • CODE4LIB computer programming in the area of libraries and information science
  • DIG_REF Digital Reference Services
  • LIBLICENSE-L Electronic Content Licensing for Academic & Research Libraries
  • NGC4Lib Next Generation Catalogs for Libraries
  • oss4lib Open Source Systems for Libraries
  • PACS-L Public-Access Computer Systems
  • PublibCT Public Library Computer Trainers
  • SYSLIB-L Systems Librarianship
  • Web4Lib The best discussion group for anything Web and library related. Created on the Go4Lib (after the Gopher protocol) model, it is a well-established group for web issues and resources. It is maintained by Roy Tennant and an advisory board. Postings are unmoderated, but very few instances of banning have occurred. Although most discussions are dominated by a few dozen vocal posters, there are thousands of subscribers. Includes a searchable archive.
  • XML4Lib "The XML4Lib electronic discussion is for the discussion of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and its use in, by, and for libraries and library users."


  • ACQNET-L Acquisitions and collection development
  • ARL-ERESERVE Electronic reserve
  • AUTOCAT Cataloging and authority control
  • CIRCPLUS Library circulation issues
  • ExLibris Special collections
  • GOVDOC-L Government Documents
  • ILI-L Information Literacy Instruction
  • LIBADMIN-L Library Administrators
  • LIBREF-L Library Reference. Includes tough reference questions. Although moderated (postings are released once a day), a broad variety of topics are open for discussion. Includes online archives.
  • LM_NET Library media specialists
  • SERIALST Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum
  • STUMPERS Reference questions


New Librarians

  • NEWLIB-L Discussion List for New Librarians
  • NEXGENLIB NexGen Librarian
  • NMRT-L American Library Association - New Members Round Table


  • BUSLIB-L Business Librarians
  • CHMINF-L Chemical Information Sources Discussion List
  • COMLIB-L Communications Librarians Discussion List
  • DLDG-L Dance Librarians Discussion Group
  • Geonet Geoscience Librarians and Information Specialists
  • Law-Lib Law Libraries
  • MAPS-L Maps, Air Photo & Geospatial Systems Forum
  • MEDLIB-L Medical Librarians
  • MLA-L Music Library Association Mailing List



Directories of Library Discussion Groups