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Electronic paper

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Electronic paper (also known as electronic ink).

One single sheet of Electic Paper can replace traditional multi-page pulp based papers. A portable electronic device that stores images and text and allows readers more flexibility.

Different manufacturers have different methods, but most follow a similar method. A thin sheat of plastic contains something that can change colors. Most often now it's beads, black on one side, white on the other.

Nicholas K. Sheridon patented a variation in 1978

In 2005 Fujitsu has created a form of epaper that can hold images even when unpowered and can gather information wirelessly.

Seiko Watch has an ultra thin watch made from epaper.

  • Fujistsu
  • Gyricon
  • Lucent
  • MicroMedia
  • Xerox
  • E Ink Corp
  • Treeless Systems
  • Philips Research Laboratories

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