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Guide to problematical library use was the title used in multiple weblogs by Don Warner Saklad, a prolific poster in the library community and critic of the Boston Public Library.

His position is that the library administration lacks awareness of the users needs as well as needs of the staff, and that this is confounded by a lack of transparency in library operations and a failure by library advocates to acknowledge the intellectual freedom facet of these problems.

Main problems[edit]

Below are some of the main problems outlined in his postings.

  • Our North American cities' public libraries' users, clientele perceptions of customers services practices can differ from what libraries' leadership believe are people's experiences attempting to navigate the buildings, floors, departments and collections.
  • Counterintuitive to the merit of enquiries about how does our city public library work behind the scenes so to speak backstage the very same public institutions invariably self censor. Cities' public libraries unions' labor relations advocates and some appointed to the boards of trustees are denied access to public records of cities' public libraries.
  • There's denial by library intellectual freedom advocates about this institutional self censorship.
  • It's a records management problem and an archival problem with regard to the more current public records of our cities' public libraries.

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