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Shouldn't the About page say something about who created this site, who has admin privileges and whatnot? -jessamyn

Come on, LIS professionals - try to find it out by yourself! :-) Obviously, John Hubbard did the first edits. According to the domain name record for, he lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here is an old vita:, now he is a librarian at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He seems to like boxing. You find more at his Homepage - including some Photos and how to contact him.
Nice! I didn't mean to be coy about plastering my name on the site, it just didn't seem that important at the time. I've added a little something on the about page about my relation with the site. btw verbal sparring is the only kind of boxing I'm fond of -- I think Nichtich's use of the word is a rough translation of "moving." - jh