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The Mongolian National Library in Ulaanbataar has a collection of about 4 million items including materials in numerous other languages. There are German, Japanese, and Korean collections funded by non-profits from the respective countries in addition to a Soros Foundation funded English education room to help students prepare for language proficiency exams abroad. It also includes a United Nations depository reading room and 10 computers for Internet access. There are, however, only 2,349 books available for home loan. The National Library also has a significant collection of photocopied pictographs and old xylographed books. It appears to be the only library in Mongolia with a significant role in training library personnel, however, there is no indication that anything more than the basics are being taught.

Children's Book Palace[edit]

A division of the National Library is the Children's Book Palace in Ulaanbataar. This library was established to help compensate for the original children's library being turned into a branch of the Mongolian Commercial Bank. It has an impressive collection of over 100,000 books in Mongolian, English, and Russian, in addition to three reading rooms. The reading rooms have titles like “Big Knowledge Man,” for younger children, “Dream,” for teenagers, and the “Education and Development” room with Internet access. The library has received the support of international organizations such as the Soros Foundation and Asian Development Bank.


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