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Outsourcing Cataloguing with Special Libraries Cataloguing, Inc.

Special Libraries Cataloguing was established in 1979 as a source of machne readable catalogue (MARC) records for special libraries, and for special collections in larger libraries. By 2009 20 cataloguers working remotely from their homes, had created MARC records for fifty libraries in a variety of countries, but increasingly create MARC records representing remote electronic resources for electronic publishers and aggrigators. These publishers and vendors in turn supply MARC records to their clients along with electronic resources.

The cost of AACR2/MARC21 records range from $6.00 to $14.00 per record. Consideration is being given to the impact of RDA. Records include Library of Congress classification (050 LCC), Dewey Decimal Classification (082 DDC), and Library of Congress Subject Headings (6XX LCSH). A;sp available are National Library of Medicine Classification (060 NLMC), medical subject headings (6XX MeSH), and Canadian history, literature, common law numbers (055 FC, PR 8000, KF). In the past, Universal Decimal Classification (080 UDC) numbers have been assigned for an European library.

All Roman and Cyrillic alphabet languages (the latter romanized) are catalogued. Other scripts are not, with the rare exception of a single title for a regular customer.

With the exception of artists' books which must be examined, cataloguers work from surrogates such as photocopied or scanned front matter, or URL access to PDFs.

For more information visit <http://slc.bc.ca/>. or contact J. McRee (Mac) Elrod at <mac@slc.bc.ca>.