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Book truck

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A cart for storing recently returned books and periodicals while they await reshelving. Synonymous with book truck. If a book or periodical volume is not on the shelf, it is wise to check any reshelving carts in the area because the item may be in the process of being reshelved.

A wheeled cart with two or three shelves for transporting books in a library; a bookcase on wheels (also called a book cart or reshelving truck), used for moving books between library departments (such as from acquisitions to cataloging for new arrivals) and reshelving items in the stacks (such as from the shelving room).

Trucks are often in high demand within the library departments that use them. Peak use times include the end of a school term, during collection shifts, or emergencies.

A variety of library furniture and facilities vendors sell book trucks, the price of which can run quite high. A good, durable book truck can last many years. Larger models, especially those with poorly designed wheels (such as of the wrong number, size, or swiveling type) can be quite cumbersome to corner when fully laden.

In June, 2005 the ALA Annual Conference held the first "Book Cart Drill Team World Championship."

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