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Credits for ConfirmEdit

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Contributors (alphabetically)

Aaron Schulz <[email protected]>
addshore <[email protected]>
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <[email protected]>
Alexandre Emsenhuber <[email protected]>
Alex Monk <[email protected]>
Alex Z. <[email protected]>
Amir E. Aharoni <[email protected]>
Anders Wegge Jakobsen <[email protected]>
Andrew Garrett <[email protected]>
Antoine Musso <[email protected]>
Aryeh Gregor <[email protected]>
Bartosz Dziewoński <[email protected]>
Bertrand Grondin <[email protected]>
Brad Jorsch <[email protected]>
Brian Wolff <[email protected]>
Brion Vibber <[email protected]>
Bryan Tong Minh <[email protected]>
Chad Horohoe <[email protected]>
Charles Melbye <[email protected]>
CSteipp <[email protected]>
Derk-Jan Hartman <[email protected]>
EBernhardson <[email protected]>
emufarmers <[email protected]>
Federico Leva <[email protected]>
Florian Schmidt <[email protected]>
Gergő Tisza <[email protected]>
Gilles Dubuc <[email protected]>
Glaisher <[email protected]>
Greg Sabino Mullane <[email protected]>
Happy-melon <[email protected]>
Huji <[email protected]>
Ivan Lanin <[email protected]>
Jackmcbarn <[email protected]>
jdlrobson <[email protected]>
Jeroen De Dauw <[email protected]>
Jimmy Collins <[email protected]>
John Du Hart <[email protected]>
Kai_Nissen_(WMDE) <[email protected]>
Kunal Mehta <[email protected]>
lalei <[email protected]>
Leon Weber <[email protected]>
Luis Felipe Schenone <[email protected]>
Marius Hoch <[email protected]>
Mark A. Hershberger <[email protected]>
Matthew Flaschen <[email protected]>
Max Semenik <[email protected]>
Nick Jenkins <[email protected]>
Niklas Laxström <[email protected]>
Ori Livneh <[email protected]>
Paladox <[email protected]>
Peter Gehres <[email protected]>
Platonides <[email protected]>
Purodha B Blissenbach <[email protected]>
Raimond Spekking <[email protected]>
Ricordisamoa <[email protected]>
River Tarnell <[email protected]>
Roan Kattouw <[email protected]>
Rob Church <[email protected]>
Rotem Liss <[email protected]>
Sam Reed <[email protected]>
Shinjiman <[email protected]>
Siebrand Mazeland <[email protected]>
Southparkfan <[email protected]>
S Page <[email protected]>
Sumit Asthana <[email protected]>
Sven Heinemann <[email protected]>
Tacsipacsi <[email protected]>
tholam <[email protected]>
Timo Tijhof <[email protected]>
Tim Starling <[email protected]>
Tobias <[email protected]>
tonythomas01 <[email protected]>
Translation updater bot <[email protected]>
Umherirrender <[email protected]>
Yaron Koren <[email protected]>
Yuki Shira <[email protected]>
YuviPanda <[email protected]>