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A single- or multi-volume encyclopedia which is devoted to a specific subject or field of study. A subject encyclopedia is usually edited by a respected scholar in the subject field. The editor then invites or selects writers for the various articles. Article writers are often experts in their subject, but they can also be scholars, graduate students, and independent researchers. Some librarians write articles for subject encyclopedias as well. Often, articles in a subject encyclopedia are signed. If they are not signed, many subject encyclopedias do put initials at the end of articles and provide a list of contributors. A subject encyclopedia often makes a good tool for students and general readers who need to get an overview of a specialized topic. Entries in a subject encyclopedia are often organized in alphabetical order, but subject arrangement is common as well. Another feature of subject encyclopedias are the list of references. Article writers commonly include a list of references that reflects what the writer considers the best sources on the topic. These small reference lists are often good for further reading on a topic. Some subject encyclopedias may have a large bibliography as well, often at the end of a single volume or in the last volume of a multi-volume set.


  • Encyclopedia of Aesthetics
  • Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
  • Encyclopedia of Psychology

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