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I really like this wiki, but I think it would also be good to organize the blogs by topic. I'd appreciate seeing all of the e-resources/serials bloggers (or library students or paraprofessionals) at a glance. I haven't come across anything like that elsewhere on the web, and this page already has the content.

What do you think about organizing this information in a second way (keeping the original alpha list, too)? --Toni @ UVM

I agree Toni, I think it would be a good idea to arrange the blogs by subject. First, I think the alpha blog list might need to be cleaned up. Personally, I don't think it makes sense to have "no longer updated" next to an inactive blog. Why not just delete the link? I haven't added anything to this wiki yet, so I hesitate to delete anything before I read more about the wiki arrangement. ~ LisaColeman in Illinois

As one who's spent way too much time studying these blogs, I'll suggest that most of them really don't organize by topic. I tried assigning topics to them when I was doing my 2007-2008 study of 607 blogs...and gave up after finding that maybe 5%-10% of blogs fit neatly within a niche. - Walt Crawford

Was trying to update the list with some forgotten librarian blogs and the weblogs page wouldn't accept my additions because i got a spam warning for "tarikhema" (not my contribution--is listed several times in the list). should those instances be deleted? or what's the work around. thanks, jan dawson (

This should be fixed now. --John Hubbard 08:23, 10 September 2010 (PDT)