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In the same spirit as the "Kindergarten to University" free curriculum Wiki, mentioned on Lawrence Lessig's blog, this page can house shared library training curricula for the various training sessions that libraries provide.

Computer Training[edit]

Internet Basics Series - MRRL Computer Classes Page These are materials from an Internet Basics series I did last year. Other classes that MRRL offers are found on the Computer Classes Page.

  • Internet Security Word Doc - PPT
  • Email Word Doc - PPT
  • Email Security Word Doc - PPT
  • Email Attachments Word Doc - PPT
  • Google Word Doc - PPT
  • Directories and Specialized Searches Word Doc - PPT
  • Internet Security Word Doc - PPT
  • IE Browser Tricks Word Doc
  • Plugins and Browser Helpers Word Doc

Library Skills[edit]

  • Innovative Web-Based Reference Services
  • Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online

Other Training Topics[edit]