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Hi, it looks like you're copying and pasting article text from Wikipedia into the articles on this site. I'm not sure of the value in this. Are you planning on modifying the articles in LISWiki? If not, I'm going to rollback your adds so there's not a duplicated article with separate versions to maintain. --John Hubbard 10:38, 1 May 2007 (PDT)

Hi John, I am going to modify the articles I add. I already have in some cases. I am, in some cases, pasting code from Wikipedia when there simply is no article on a subject at all in LISWiki or if an article in LISWiki is a stub. While this may at first be almost identicle to the Wikipedia article, this can begin a fork article from which myself and other LISWiki users can modify the article to suit the needs of LIS Wiki. LISWiki is much newer and has fewer articles than Wikipedia so I see no shame in copying some articles to begin forks on LISwiki. This is part of the glory of the Open Source model!

I see this as a possible (at least temporary) solution to the Chicken and Egg problem a site like this initially faces, fewer people will use the site if it does not have enough articles and there will be fewer articles if fewer people use the site.


Copy+Paste from Wikipedia[edit]

Again, many LISWiki articles have counterparts in Wikipedia. There's no need to rewrite well-developed pieces that Wikipedia has. You can create a short article with a cross-link to Wikipedia, and use LISWiki to highlight how libraries deal with the topic.

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