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This page describes some basic formatting guidelines for LISWiki articles. It is open for editing itself.

When in doubt, check the Wikipedia Manual of Style as a good role model. Otherwise you are free to use your best judgment.


[edit] Article Titles

Choose a commonly used name for article titles. Create redirects for name variations. The code to put on the pointing page is

#REDIRECT [[Article Title]]

The redirects can be linked to and function as stable URLs themselves (they don't actually redirect), and can be linked to from within other articles. However double redirects should be avoided.

Special characters are okay, except for the ampersand (&), which should be spelled out as "and." (It breaks the URLs in some cases to have a title with an ampersand.)

[edit] Abbreviations

An abbreviations page lists library abbreviations. If you create an article not listed here, add it to the list.

Article titles for abbreviations should usually be spelled out , unless the term is known more commonly by the abbreviation.

[edit] Capitalization

Capitalize proper nouns, acronyms, and the first letter of the article.

[edit] Plurals

[edit] Gerunds

[edit] Hyphenation

Hyphenation usually refers to a punctuation mark used to join words (hyphen) or splitting words into smaller units.

[edit] Verbs

[edit] Synonyms

Add redirects for less-common synonyms and spelling variations.

[edit] Categories

[edit] Categorization of Articles

Each article should fit in at least one category. New categories can be created.

Use the code


at the end of the article to categorize it.

[edit] Category Names

[edit] Category Structures

Each category can be a subcategory of one or more other categories.

[edit] Article Components

[edit] External Links

Check for relevant links in the ODP, Wikipedia, LISNews, and Google to add as references. Citations to print works can be included too.

Many LISWiki articles have counterparts in Wikipedia. There's no need to rewrite well-developed pieces that Wikipedia has. You can create a short article with a cross-link to Wikipedia, and use LISWiki to highlight how libraries deal with the topic (see the thesis article, for example).

[edit] Images

Image and file uploading is currently restricted to admins. If you have an image to add to an article, contact one of them.

[edit] Templates


adds a Wikipedia link


marks the article as a stub

[edit] Formatting

[edit] Grammar

[edit] Punctuation

[edit] Text Decoration

See also the sandbox to try out the editing code.

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