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Librarian Podcasts (for Library Staff)

  • ACRL Podcasts
  • Adventures in Library Instruction Hosted by Rachel Borchardt, Jason Puckett and Anna Van Scoyoc.
  • Booktalks Quick and Simple Hosted by Nancy Keane (for books for grades K-12).
  • Cataloging Matters Hosted by James Weinheimer.
  • Circulating Ideas Hosted by Steve Thomas.
  • ComicPop Library Hosted by Richard Brookman Jr., Mickey Coalwell, and Royce Kitts.
  • DC/SLA Events podcast
  • Digital Campus Hosted by Dan Cohen, Mills Kelly, and Tom Scheinfeldt.
  • Games in Libraries Produced by Donald Dennis.
  • GSLIS Podcast From Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science
  • InfoPeople Podcasts
  • The Knitting Librarian Podcast By Kate Kosturski
  • Law Librarian Conversations Hosted by Richard Leiter, Brian Striman and Marcia Dority Baker.
  • LibPunk Radio Hosted by Kathryn Greenhill, Sarah Glassmeyer and Kendra K. Levine.
  • [1] '[Librarians Aloud]' Presented by the Academic & Special Libraries Section (A&SL) of the Library Association of Ireland hosted and produced by Laura Rooney Ferris
  • Librarian Live Podcast
  • Librarian on the Edge by Terry Ballard.
  • LISTen: The LISNews Podcast
  • LITA Blog Podcast From the blog of the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) of the American Library Association.
  • Lost in the Stacks Hosted by Ameet Doshi and Charlie Bennett of the Georgia Tech Library. The podcast of the research-library rock'n'roll radio show on WREK Atlanta.
  • NCompass Podcast from the Nebraska Library Commission.
  • OCLC Distinguished Seminar Series and other OCLC podcasts.
  • Off the Shelf Podcast Hosted by Kghia Gherardi and Simeon Beresford.
  • Talking with Talis
  • T Is for Training Produced and hosted by Maurice Coleman and featuring a number of Usual Suspects from the library training world.
  • Tech Therapy From the Chronicle of Higher Education
  • This Week in Libraries Hosted by Erik Boekesteijn
  • Virtual Dave's Podcast By R. David Lankes
  • The WGIL Room Hosted by Carleen Huxley, Dana Longley and Mark McBride.
  • YALSA Podcasts

Inactive Podcasts (no new episodes or broken link)

  • Check This Out! Hosted by Jim Milles. (link broken, see iTunes)
  • Code4Lib 2007 Podcasts Audio of presentations from 2007 Code4Lib conference. (link broken)
  • District Dispatch "News for Librarians and Friends of Libraries from the ALA Washington Office." (link broken)
  • First Monday Podcast (last episode August 2009)
  • Interviews with Innovators by Jon Udell Hosted by Jon Udell. (last episode May 2010)
  • The Library 2.0 Gang (link broken, see iTunes)
  • Library Geeks Hosted by Dan Chudnov. (last episode February 2009)
  • Library Love Fest Hosted by Virginia Stanley (last episode March 2010)
  • LibVibe Hosted by Marv Kaminsky. (last episode June 2008)
  • Longshots Hosted by Sarah Long. (last episode May 2010)
  • OPAL Podcast (last episode January 2009) (see iTunes)
  • The Program Room for children's librarians (last episode December 2008)
  • PALINET Podcasts (link broken)
  • Semantic Web Gang Hosted by Paul Miller. (link broken, see iTunes)
  • SirsiDynix Institute (last episode August 2010)
  • Uncontrolled Vocabulary Hosted by Greg Schwartz. (February 2009)

Podcasts for Library Users

See the list on the Library Success page on Podcasting.