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LexisNexis® is an information vendor that provides authoritative legal, news, public records and business information; including tax and regulatory publications in online, print or CD-ROM formats.

LexisNexis® Academic[edit]

The LexisNexis® Academic platform (formerly known as "Academic Universe") is used by many academic libraries. It was spun off from the company's products for corporate clients, which constitute the bulk of the company's revenue -- in comparison to the heavy support demanded by libraries. LexisNexis, for example, is often criticized for not being OpenURL-compliant[1].

Lexis® Legal Database[edit]

The Lexis® Legal Database is used mainly by lawyers, law students and those in the legal field. It is frequently found in law libraries. This service provides access to legal, business, news, and public records information. Both primary and secondary legal sources are available though Lexis®.

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