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Machine Readable Cataloging

MARC stands for MAchine-Readable Cataloging. It is a standard that ensures computers can read and interpret cataloging data and display this data to users in an online catalog.

MARC-21, the current version of the standard, consists of variable fields and fixed fields, along with their subfields and indicators. Common MARC fields include:

  • 100 author of a work
  • 245 title of a work
  • 260 publication information
  • 300 physical description
  • 490 series statement
  • 5xx notes

Eventually, MARC will be replaced by BIBFRAME.

MARC Resources[edit]

  • MARC standards at the Library of Congress [1]
  • MARC standards at OCLC [2]
  • "WHAT IS A MARC RECORD" booklet from the University of North Carolina [3]

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