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M S Khan Foundation

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A trust fund of the Library Association of Bangladesh, LAB - M S Khan Foundation is endowed with the responsibility of upholding the ideals of M S Khan as a pioneer Library professional and sensitising public opinion in building an awareness about Library and Information Movement. Library is the repository of knowledge and the job of a librarian is to facilitate a reader's access to that knowledge. M S Khan provided the leadership in putting Dhaka University Library, the biggest collection of books in this country (Bangladesh), on a scientific basis by introducing and updating its cataloguing and classification system. He helped found the first Library Science Department in the country - thus providing academic training facilities for the students who would lead the libraries in the country.

Focused on[edit]

The Foundation would, therefore, focus on enhancing the managerial skill of the librarians along with their skill as service providers. Organising lectures and seminars on professional development would form part of the Foundations activities. The Foundation would institute stipends and scholarships for needy but meritorious students and give national awards for best performance as librarians. It will also have a publication programme for professionals failing to publish their own research work.

The seed money for the Foundation has been provided by the children of M S Khan - his son, Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan and three daughters Perveen Shahjahan, Shireen Rashid and Shaheen Khan of whom all except Shireen Rashid are resident in the US.

The Foundation has its own statutes approved by the Library Association of Bangladesh; it is administered by a small executive committee comprising a President, a General Secretary, a treasurer and four members.