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As times and technology change, we are also made to change. As librarians, this means learning and employing new ways of communication and research in order to help our patrons find resources and information. At times it is difficult to guess what one should do, or how one should go about finding an area of information sources that can be passed along and taught to patrons.

A wonderful way of contacting librarians all over the world is blogging. More and more librarians are beginning to keep blogs, with which most people are now familiar. These blogs are excellent sources of information resources of all kinds for librarians, but also of different situations that can and have occurred. One example is the site This method of communication for this particular librarian allows this person to put his or her thoughts out there to be read, and also allows comments.

Most blogs allow comments from both registered users as well as anonymous comments. The sites and are two examples. Librarians with access to the Internet can read everything included, use all the resource links, as well as offer advice, thoughts, and comments on any topic that the librarian chooses for discussion.

Blogs are a public forum that allow discussion on any topic one could ever wish to discuss with the rest of the world. Librarians can and do use them as reference resources, guides for other librarians on situations and how to handle them, as well as advice on useful links and tools that can be passed on to patrons. Times are changing and libraries and librarians will be expected to keep up. This article on The Shifted Librarian illustrates that point: With the Internet there comes a market of seemingly endless sources of information. Blogs are another way of keeping up with those sources, as well as a way of keeping them organized.